"When I went to go work with Emily I was nervous and excited to try something different. Due to a plethora of health issues I have always struggled with weight loss and post pandemic and a stressful job has made it even more challenging. I imagine like many people I was feeling shame about my weight and shame that I wasn’t successful with other programs or trying things in my own. I also was fearful of working with someone else, following their plan and continuing to see minimal gains and then to be questioned about my honesty with the programs because this is successful for everyone else but me. One of the first things Emily said was I need to believe that this will work (because the body follows what the mind believes) but she also acknowledged how difficult this can be when I have tried so many things and wasn’t obtaining any results. I appreciated her honesty of the situation and how she held space for my frustrations for trying so hard and not succeeding. 


As someone who takes a lot of pride in their strength I was also afraid I was going to lose that joy I have from lifting lots and feeling positive about it. After my first initial meeting with her I knew I was going to be in good hands. There was no shaming me for weight that I gained during the pandemic and was unable to lose. She created a space to talk about the distance between my mind and body and how oftentimes my thoughts are also making huge barriers to success. Working with her I am changing my mindset of working with my body to give it what it needs to be the best. And we are working on seeing foods as food and not labeling them good or bad but balancing what the head wants and what makes my body feel the best. Emily will call me on shit sometimes but in the most supportive way possible. I never leave feeling bad or defeated and even after my first inbody scan prior to starting the plan, we talked about positives and where I’m starting as opposed to just feeling sad and embarrassed by my numbers. 


Emily also talked about the fact that I shouldn’t be losing strength while doing this and how I can get stronger and still lose weight. This was wonderful to hear and I’m feeling good while doing this. It does not feel like I’m in a deficit that makes me tired. I am getting stronger while also losing fat, just like she said. She also talks about this not as a diet or foods as good or bad but foods that make my body happy or that I want to eat and am not feeling guilty for doing it. This is helping to heal my relationship with my body and food. 


I am constantly encouraging others to meet with her and to try it. I truly mean it when I say she’s amazing. The changes don’t seem huge and yet the results have been. Im a Little flabbergasted at how this is working because when I explain the changes they don’t feel drastic or hard to do. I’m working with my body and appreciative of all my body can do and not focusing on what it isn’t doing.


After one month of working with her and navigating a work trip out of town I was able to lose 10 lbs of fat. This is huge considering earlier in the year I did a couple of 8 week nutrition challenges and only saw a decrease in weight of 0.2 lbs. My biggest regret is that I didn’t start sooner but I am so grateful for her help and support and can’t wait to see my continued success. 


In short Emily is amazing, she does not toot her horn enough but she is so good at supporting you and helping you to be the best you you can be and it’s just wonderful."


"Emily Miller has freed my mind so that I can work on healing myself and become healthy.

My friend Karen was having such awesome results with Emily that my interest was piqued.

I had visited my doctor for my yearly checkup in January 2021 and I became very discouraged after this appointment.  In the past 13-14 years I have suffered hot flashes and weight gain.  Sine the start of Covid because establishments were requiring temperatures to be taken, I noticed that mine was running extremely low.  I started to record my temperature daily and it ran incredibly low, which led me to do some research and I discovered that low temperature is an indication of thyroid issues.  At my January appointment I explained this to my physician, and she did not even take my temperature; rather she suggested weight loss surgery, blood pressure medication as well as cholesterol medication. 

My husband and I were spending time at our home in Florida the last few weeks of January and although this may sound odd; I continue over the course of a week to have dreams about Emily. I decided this was my subconscious telling me to call her and get started on her nutrition program.

She and I started in February. The changes have been remarkable. The first change was in my mind set, and then my diet.  Emily helped me look inward and learn to do some reflecting.  I feel brand new.  The bloodwork comparison from January to May showed that my cholesterol was 23 points lower.  I am no longer taking Cholesterol of blood pressure medications and I am working to get off my hot flash meds.  My temperature is consistently lower.  I am exercising again.

I even wrote a children’s book.  If you want to know about this and the connections, I have made you will need to talk to Emily.

I highly recommend her program.

She helped me start a new journey at the age of 61 that I wish I had started years ago."